Everyone needs the opportunity to build the skills required to improve in their current role or to move into a new role. It also takes polished skills to work well with co-workers – regardless of the job positions.

Our growing list of off-the-shelf professional development and soft-skill eLearning courses will help you grow and succeed! Our courses can help:

  • Build Competent Skills to do your job well and improve the quality of your work.
  • Enhance Interpersonal Skills to create a collaborative and amazing workplace culture.

Our just-in-time courses will enable you to approach your work and co-worker relationships with confidence.

These scenario-based eLearning courses are rich with activity to keep you engaged in active learning.

Featured Just-In-Time Courses

Fostering an LGBTQ Inclusive Workplace

Fostering an LGBTQ Inclusive Workplace is a 1-hour eLearning course full of activities and scenarios designed to teach you how to cultivate an inclusive company culture that welcomes and values LGBTQ co-workers. You’ll learn about implicit bias and stereotypes, inclusive language, supportive phrases, and how to be an LGBTQ ally.

Click to watch a video preview of Fostering an LGBTQ Inclusive Workplace.

Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management Fundamentals is a 50-minute eLearning course designed for entry-level employees or employees who will be managing a project for the first time. This course will give participants an overview of the entire project management process, as well as key project management tools and tips for success they can use every day.

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Performance Management

Performance Management is a 50-minute eLearning course designed to teach managers how to focus employee talents toward accomplishing organizational goals. In this course, you’ll learn how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals, and monitor and document performance compared to those goals. You’ll also learn how to provide feedback, motivate and coach, and address performance issues.

Soft-Skill Micro-eLearning

We also offer many micro-eLearning courses for step-by-step guidance and tools to practice specific skills on the job. Here are just a few:

  • Email and Text Etiquette
  • Supervision Basics
  • Delegating Work
  • Remote Leader Toolkit
  • How to Work Successfully from Home
  • Meeting Management
  • Leading Effective Virtual Meetings

Not sure what the performance challenge might be? Our assessments can help you efficiently identify specific skill gaps based on the job. You can then choose the specific eLearning course to close the skill gap.